Upcoming Events

Don't leave home without your mask! Booster shots available! Don't let down your guard!

Now at Arte Latte Cafe - Art Exhibit by Donaldo Voelker

The oil painter "Donaldo" is now in his 2nd month exhibiting at Grecia´s Arte Latte Cafe, on the northwest corner across from the big red church. New paintings are on display, which are now all located in the back room of the restaurant. Come see!

And the best coffee in town!
13 August - Saturday

Live Music - Teri McLaughlin at Coco's

Starts at 2pm! Good food, pizza-oven pizza! Get out and have some fun!
15 August - Monday

Mothers' Day

A very important day in the Costa Rican calendar!

It is estimated that Ticos will spend 4,000 million colones on Mom this year. That is around $6 million USD, or around $1 per person for the total population.
Good old Mom, boosting the economy again!

18 August - Thursday

Regular monthly meeting!
20 August - Saturday

Artisan Faire of Goods and Services - UISIL, Grecia

UISIL is the International University of San Isidro Labrador, a private university located on Calle Corinto next to the new public school complex on the east side of town. 

They will be holding an artisan/entrepreneur fair from 1 to 8 pm, featuring small businesses with their goods, not just artisan crafts but also foods and services. After the fair there will be a presentation on Small and Medium sized businesses, what is required and the benefits of maintaining your own business. 

Come see what local entrepreneurs are up to! This event is free and open to all.
9 September

Childrens' Day - Dia de los Niños

Also known as the Day of the Innocents. So nice that Costa Rica celebrates their children!
15 September

Independence Day

Costa Rica declared independence from Spain in 1821 - 201 years ago! This year should see quite a party, since we missed having #200 last year. 

Remember to help your dogs stay calm since there will be lots of fireworks and noise in general!