Upcoming Events

Don't leave home without your mask!  Respiratory virus is on the upswing and more locations are again requiring masks to enter.

Now at Arte Latte Cafe - Art Exhibit by Donaldo Voelker

The oil painter "Donaldo" is now in his 2nd month exhibiting at Grecia´s Arte Latte Cafe, on the northwest corner across from the big red church. New paintings are on display, which are now all located in the back room of the restaurant. Come see!

And the best coffee in town!
Non-traditional garbage pickup day!

Third Campaign of Non-traditional garbage pick up -
September 13, 20, 27 and 29

See the graphic for dates in your area. 
This is a great opportunity to get rid of things like old tires, paint cans, broken electric appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, plastic trash, mattresses, etc.

They do NOT accept construction residue such as broken lumber or concrete forms, concrete, or yard debris.

"The cleanliness of my community starts with the cleanliness of my home."
October 1 - Saturday

New Zoom support group  for Caregivers of Partners with Dementia

This is a new group that aims to offer support to expats that are caring for a spouse/partner that has or is developing dementia. The next group meeting will be Saturday October 1 at 11 a.m.

Nothing takes the Pura Vida out of living in Costa Rica faster than when a loved one begins demonstrating cognitive decline or dementia symptoms. Without family living in the country, one can feel very alone and frightened about what to do. This is further complicated if you live in outlying rural areas where no resources are available, and if there are, they are hard to find. 

This online support group is being formed to help you to know you aren’t alone. We will have a once-a-week meeting where you can share your feelings and challenges with others in similar situations. Confidentiality is foremost. The group includes those caring for someone with dementia or cognitive challenges and ex-pats who want to bring their loved ones here from other countries. We will invite dementia professionals as guest speakers for some meetings to include an educational aspect and information on available resources.  

Contact: If you are interested in participating in the zoom meetings or just keep informed, please sign up for their email list by sending a Facebook message to Katja.
You can also contact Debra for more info.

Note: After September, this information will be posted to our Ongoing Activities page.

Dems Abroad - October 13, Thursday

Attention DA Grecia members! Due to the Costa Rican Independence Day holiday falling on our scheduled meeting day, there will be no monthly meeting for September.

Important Voting Information! The overseas absentee ballots should be arriving in your email inbox on or around September 24. Watch your email carefully for it! If you don't see it by September 24, check your spam and junk files. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.

If your state requires that your ballot be returned through snail mail to the U.S., bring it along and we can help you with options. 

If you need assistance with mailing or any other help with your ballot, PRINT IT OUT and bring it along on October 13. 

October 22 - Art Show

The emphasis is on local artists at this upcoming show. Nuevo Arenal is about 3.5 hour drive from Grecia - could be a great overnighter!