Things to do in the Grecia area - Classes, meetings, and more

Blooms is short for “Bloom Where You’re Planted”. The group began originally in the 1990's with many chapters throughout the Central Valley. Now, there is just one chapter and while we normally enjoy rotating our meetings to various members' homes, at this time we are meeting at 9:30 a.m. on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) via Zoom. There is no president nor dues.
Most members live in the general areas of Atenas, Alajuela, Grecia, Sarchi, and La Garita. We normally meet over coffee and brunch to share friendship, information, networking and support. English is a requirement, even if you are just a beginner, and we enjoy the company of women from many nations. For further information, please contact Joan Dewar.

There is a Buddhist book club that meets in Atenas every Sunday at 1:30pm It is non religious and non sectarian and has excellent free wheeling discussions. Those interested should contact Adrian Baksa.

Grecia AlAnon - 2444-1515. English-language meeting. Call for schedule.

Grecia AA - There is a solution: English Speaking Meetings on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, noon-1 pm. The AA clubhouse is located around the corner from the fire station. For more information call or e-mail Donna: Phone: 8403-2705,   or email Jay:  Phone: 6102-3039.

ATENAS MINDFULNESS MEDITATION GROUP, Path of Joy Sangha, based in Atenas, and led by Barbara (Barb) Moss, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, invites you to attend virtual sessions on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. We are a secular, drop-in meditation group, based on the Vipassana or Insight tradition of Buddhism. Our practice consists of meditation, teaching talks (Tuesdays only), and sharing. Please visit the Path of Joy Sangha Facebook Page or email barbsmss@gmail.for details, and the link to the Zoom meeting room. Barb Moss, 8358-7273
Updated 4/12/2020

Recycling Grecia proper has recycling by the stadium, Thursday. Most of the local villages have their own recycling center set up near the center of the district. Pickup time varies but is fairly regular. They accept all types of plastic containers, metal containers, glass containers, Tetrapak boxes (e.g., juice, milk, wine containers), cardboard, paper (newspapers, magazines, office paper, etc).
It's a fantastic service to the community and deserves our support.

Non-traditional garbage pickup  This is something that occurs 2 or 3 times per year. The municipalidad puts out a press release with dates for the various districts. So if you wonder why you occasionally see piles large piles of plastic garbage, sinks, or tires, this is why. 

Small electronics recycling - The Claro store in the Grecia Mall has a container next to their caja where you can leave old phones, old phone chargers, earphones, even TV remotes, for recycling. You can also do this at the ICE office in Grecia.

Writer's Group - Escazu - There are many aspiring Hemingways and Shakespeares in Costa Rica and various writer’s groups they can join. There is a good one that meets in Escazu on the third Thursday of each month, (Not December). Members include editors, those knowledgeable about places to get high quality printing and of course various types of writers. Writers from Grecia, Atenas and other areas attend. For more information contact Bob Brashers.

Yoga Classes - Click here for info

Catholic Gringos who are interested in Catholic Services in English in Atenas are invited to contact Dave Davis, he is compiling an email list. His group has Church approval to do a communion service with prayers and Eucharistic Service in English as well as a Mass with a translator etc. You can reach Dave at 8759 3433.