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Airport Transportation Interpretation Services
Assisted Living Services Landscape & Interior Design
Backhoe Service Legal
Bus schedules Massage - Various
Car rentals Ornamental Welding/Art
Church Services Photo & Video Home Tour Service
Computer Repair Pool Supplies
Cooking & Food Delivery Party Ranchita Rental
Drafting & Design Services Recycling Pickup
Services Needed
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Spanish Lessons
House Sitter Spiritual Massage Therapist/ Nutritionist

Airport Transportation +

Geovanny Chaves

Airport pick ups and drop offs. 24/7. Pick up $30 plus parking ticket. Drop off $30.

For expats who need to rent a car, we offer a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero with
automatic transmision. Available by the week/$300 or Month/$1000 Insurance included. No deposit required. 

You can contact me at: 85837870 or E-mail:





Meet Geovanny:

Hello. My name is Geovanny Chaves. I am a local entrepreneur.

We are a family business offering a range of services to Expats in the Western Central Valley Region of Costa Rica. We have 20 years of experience. Our primary focus is to provide assistance in English to people visiting or moving to Costa Rica.

Services offered:

Be sure to ask your questions or tell us about any assistance you may need here in Costa Rica. Please contact us by e-mail at: Phone: 8583-7870. We look forward to hearing from you. 

I believe in win-win. I handle airport pick ups and drop offs. I am available 24/7. Very reasonable fees. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Geovanny's other services are:
tour guide
| interpreter | house/apts for rent in San Isidro | General Assistance

Assistance, General

This category includes people that offer services to help expats navigate situations in the community, such as dealing with motor vehicles/Riteve, finding goods and services, etc, ie, someone who knows the system and can help you get whatever it is that you're needing.

La Tica Completa -
Carolina Alfaro

Are you confused by pura vida? Need help keeping the dust and cobwebs under control in your house? Spanglish not good enough to really understand what is being asked or offered? Is a chayote a food or a type of motor scooter?

Help has arrived in most all areas of life in the Grecia area. Time has opened up for me to offer my services to answer most questions even the most bewildered Gringo or Gringa might have. I am available to run errands, clean house or clothes, offer advice on where to shop for about everything. My joy in life is to help people and being completely bilingual I can help you.

Need an appointment made with a doctor but not sure of the words to use with the Spanish-speaking staff? I can help you and have even accompanied a Gringa to CAJA to register. Having lived in the area my whole life I can recommend places to visit, restaurants to frequent and even help you improve your Spanish skills.

Other skills that I can offer you include working with plants inside or outside plus I enjoy painting rooms and redecorating, even just rearranging furniture. I have contacts in the Grecia area for fabrics and furnishings.

When you want to improve your life here in Costa Rica, call me! References available. Carolina Alfaro 8636-8309 

Belinda Seabrook - Immigration Assistance Services

My name is Belinda and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for nearly 6 years (5 in Atenas) with my daughter. I assist prospective residents and current residents with their initial applications, renewals and change of status applications. I am originally from England and am qualified as a barrister there. I also have an LLM in International Law and speak great Spanish and French. Please get in touch if you need help with residency, signing up for CAJA etc. My prices are very reasonable! 
Tel: 8892 2267 or

posted 4/19/2019

Assisted Living Services

Note from the Editor: Que Pasa Grecia sometimes is requested to post these services. We think such a service has great potential to our readers. However, we are not giving these listings our endorsement. Caveat emptor, do your own research.

We do differentiate on this page between a Service Offered and a Recommendation, so please note this. If any subscriber has had a positive experience with these individuals and services, your recommendations would be appreciated.

Maggie Rodriguez

by Diane Cooner

Maggie comes with many references and recommendations from the Grecia area. She lived here many years, moved to Quepos for a time, and is now back in the area. She is available to work as a caregiver or personal assistant. She speaks English and has letters of reference and phone numbers. She has 15  years of experience working in private homes and helping families. And she has her own car. 
Maggie Rodriguez Cel 8709 1417

Finca Futuro Verde

by Deb Boden

My husband, Pete, has been at Finca Futuro Verde since March 2016. I'm pleased with the care he receives from medical Dr. Dirk Maes, a Belgian expat. Dirk has one other client and space for 2-3 more at his comfortable home and farm. Email I can provide details for those interested. Deb Boden, email

Carmen & Geovanny Chaves

I read the article posted about gringos aging in Costa Rica and the need to have someone to take care of them. I would like QuePasaGrecia Readers to know that there Is a Group of people including myself and my wife who are experienced, honest and inexpensive caregivers. There are nurses, doctores and lawyers willing to help The Expat community.  

You can contact Geovanny at: 85837870 or E-mail:

Clara Brown

I would like to offer my services to care for patients or older adults.

I am bilingual English/Spanish and have 17 years of emergency room experience caring for patients in general. I am a US certified EMT.

Clara Brown or call 8915-4993.

Assisted living community: Casa Estancia Posada de Belen

House, housekeeping, 3 meals a day, physical therapy, nurse 24/7.

Utilities included.

Rent $900 a month per person.

Contact Geovanny Chaves at 85837870
posted 6/4/2017  

Automotive Services



Jose Moya is a very experienced mechanic. His shop is in Rincón de Arias, Grecia. He is very honest, friendly and efficient, and speaks some English. Phone : 85837870

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Backhoe/Tractor Services

I have the perfect little backhoe for small or large jobs. Need to get in to places where a full-size backhoe won't fit?? Or an area where you want minimal disturbance to the grass or landscaping?? backhoeDitches, septic drain fields, water lines, clean up or maintain roads on your coffee farm or finca from landslides or washouts, landscaping chores, moving dirt or gravel, driveway repair, or what-have-you... I can do it. I've been sitting on this same machine for 24 years, know how to use it, and will save you money over full-size machines! I'll work anywhere in the Central Valley from San Jose west to San Ramon and outlying communities. Give me a call if you'd like to talk about your project at 2454-3643 or 8916-6193. Fluent English and Spanish spoken. Ask for Scott.

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English Language Books in Grecia Library

Thanks to a small but dedicated group, there are now a number of shelves dedicated to books in English. Located at the front of the library, which itself is located in the Cultural Center complex, on your left. Cultural Center is behind the Municipalidad in downtown Grecia.

Carpentry Services

Cabinetmaker & Custom Furniture

Bamboo Furniture Factory

Fine work, reasonable prices. Located in Naranjo, English spoken!

phone: 2451 5304

Find them on Facebook:

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Church Services

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Computers - Accessories, supplies, service

Computer Technician/Systems Engineer

Andres Castro Soto

I am Andres Castro Soto, a systems engineer with ten years of experience in installing and repairing computer systems. I can repair laptop and desktop computers with Windows and MacIntosh operating systems. I prepare and configure networks (wired or wireless), install hardware and software, and do virus cleaning and installation of antivirus programs. I do speak English and am willing to come to your home or have you visit mine.

I can be contacted at 86412152 or at Please feel free to contact Lou Winegrad at 8483-9045 for a recommendation. Other references are available upon request. I hope to hear from you!!! 

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Cooking and Food Delivery Services

If you live in the San Isidro área, we provide cooking and food delivery service. Costa Rican homemade meals. Don't worry if you don´t feel like cooking or going to a restaurant. Also, we offer meals on credit. Pay on pay day. Very reasonable prices. We cook American food, too. We make the best homemade blue cheese salad dressing. For more information call Geovanny Chaves: 85837870.

Strong Meals

review by Diane Cooner

I stopped in the other day to visit with the man at Strong Meals. I thought it might be related to Strong Missions (see our Contributions page), but it turns out this is something completely different.

Strong Meals is a health-oriented cooking service. You can purchase a plan depending on what your goal is - losing weight, building muscle, or just being healthy.

Aimed at sports enthusiasts (think of biking athletes, etc) that are on the go, this has potential for expats - they cook - you eat. This could be a healthier alternative to eating out every night!

The store is located around the corner from Ekono in Grecia, where Ar-J's used to be.









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Drafting and Design Planning Service

If you are planning to build onto your house or build a separate building such as a garage or gazebo, I can draw the plans for it. I have a degree in design technology.

Using the latest 2D and 3D modeling software I can draw anything from detailed framework to lifelike 3D renderings. Just give me an idea of what you want and I will draw it.

Contact info: Email: Phone # (506) 8570-6801
Location: San Isidro de Grecia  


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Furniture Makers

Cecilia's Furniture Gallery - Sarchi

We're a family owned fine furniture manufacturer located in the renowned artisan capital of Sarchi. Sarchi has long established themselves as the artisan capital of the country where the finest furniture in Costa Rica is designed and made. Unfortunately, in recent years, Sarchi manufacturers have continuously reduced the quality in order to reduce the prices. Unwilling to reduce our quality, we've closed the showroom (thus our overhead) and continue to build by special order directly from our home and workshop. Our quality remains high, and our prices are competitive. table

Guanacaste and Genizaro are our preferred choices of exotic hardwoods, but we build to our clients’ specifications and in whatever wood of their choice. We buy our Guanacaste and Genizaro logs from a particular zone in the Province of Guanacaste where the wood is the most sought after due to its pronounced grain, color and hardness. We mill our own logs, send them to the best and most experienced in-country kiln to be dried to 10 to 14% humidity content, then design and build in our own factory, under American supervision, the finest handmade custom furniture possible. Due to the many diverse climates throughout the region, the kiln-drying is imperative in avoiding problems in warping, shrinkage, splitting, joint separation and eventual lacquer opacity.

bedSpecial attention is specifically paid to the final finish, using the best polyurethane finishes available in the country. Because we mill from large diameter logs, you’ll receive an heirloom-worthy piece of furniture with minimal joints, if any. For example, every dining set arrives with a singular slab of solid 1” hardwood sawn from the pure heartwood of the log, a 40” wide tabletop with no seams, no joints, just endless uninterrupted grain… a truly incredible sight to behold. The final product will surely be enjoyed by generations to come. Our guarantee is rarely needed by our clients, and for this reason we offer the only 2 year guarantee in the country, rather than the typical 6 to 12 month guarantee offered by our competitors. References are gladly supplied upon request from our many satisfied customers.

dresserCecilia Rojas Brown is a Costa Rican native from the town of Sarchi and has been involved in the furniture industry for over 29 years. Scott Brown, an American, and her husband of 29 years, has been involved with Sarchi and its furniture and woodworking culture in manufacturing and exportation since 1979. We both speak fluent English and Spanish, and we look forward to serving you for all your furniture and woodworking needs in the most transparent, straight forward and honest way. We’ve developed the website as a way for you to sample a few of our most popular styles and the beautiful grains of our wood. Still, there’s no way to display all the endless possibilities. We have an extensive catalog of photos of all styles in our home, and we can build literally anything from your photo or description, including doors and cabinetry. Please email or give us a call for any questions or price quotes at 2454-3643.
Feel free to visit our website at All the best, Scott & Cecelia

Muebles WR, Sarchi

William Rodríguez, and his son Willy Jr. Cabinet maker.
See recommendation under Carpentry here.

The taller of Muebles WR can be found at: 150 mts. Sur Mutual, Alajuela Sarchi norte
Tel: 2454-2348 Cel: 8820-6566 e-mail:  Both father and son speak perfect English.

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Pet/Plant/House Sitter

House/Pet Sitting

joray adWe have lived in Atenas Costa Rica for over 11 years and will be happy to provide references. We have operated an animal rescue shelter for over 50 years so we are familiar with the care of animals of all types. We have been featured in many Costa Rican and US magazines and newspapers. We consider animals to be members of our family and, therefore, treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

Frances and Bruce do the boarding. If your pet/s get along with other pets and is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines then they will live in our home with us just like our own pets while you are away. We do not cage or kennel animals. We want them to enjoy their stay with us. We can provide excellent references and would be happy to speak with you anytime about boarding your pet or house/pet sitting while you are away. We'll even send you photos of your furkids, while they are with us, by email.

You are welcome to come visit our facility and meet all of us. Just give us a call. Our numbers are 8886-4502 or 2446-0434. Our email is  

House/Pet Sitting

I am taking reservations for 2017 to care and secure your home and/or love with compassion your pets (2 maximum).
Minimum one week at $20 / day.

I have references......I am dedicated and professional.

Jennifer Schubert

cell 88762297

Interpretation Services

Geovanny Chaves

Experienced interpreter available. Legal, mechanic or any other situation. $20 an hour.
Call 85837870 E-mail: 

Landscape and Interior Design

Catalina Salas

Catalina Salas designs gardens. She is also an interior decorator. Phone : 88169009 e-mail: ENGLISH SPOKEN 

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Spanish Lessons and Online Resources

Spanish Lessons Offered

William Alfaro is an experienced teacher of both English and Spanish for students of all ages and all levels. He has taught in the public schools of Costa Rica and has twice worked in the United States as a Visiting International Professional engaged in teaching English as a second language. He lives in San Roque de Grecia. William is available for private lessons in students' homes, or you may wish to participate in one of the classes he is forming which will meet in his home. You can reach William via his cellphone at: 8510-8095.  

Beginning Spanish Lessons

Beginner's Spanish classes are starting up offered by Emanuel (Ema) Ulate Cardenal. Openings for AM classes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday are available. Classes include written and conversational studies and use a workbook. Classes will be held at the "Iglesia Sol de Justica" located just behind the Grecia Plaza Mall. Private Spanish lessons at the church or in-home can also be arranged. Contact Ema at: 8791 0024 or  

Learning Spanish - Resources

Thanks to an alert subscriber, we can share this great resource with you - this is a link to an online bilingual GARDENING dictionary that was developed by Master Gardeners in collaboration with the University of California. Thirty pages, downloadable, very useful, clear, with drawings. If you are a gardener or have a gardener here, this will be invaluable.

Learn Spanish Free Online

This may be the best online resource for learning Spanish. They have loads of different tools to help you learn. Nothing replaces a 'live' teacher, but this is close.

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Legal Services

Lucett Watler

Lucett family svs

Lucett auto svsLucett biz card









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Finca Vibran B&B

San Francisco de San Isidro de Greciavibran b&b1

Finca Vibran B&B rooms, social areas and dining area have been handcrafted by local artisans to create a rustic, yet modern feel. Local timber was sourced for construction and each room is themed to reflect Costa Rica’s natural beauty.
All guests have access to the dining area, trails, coffee plantation, gardens and 2nd story lookout with breathtaking views over the Central Valley and mountains.

Vibran B&B 2Double Occupancy Rooms
Each 5-Star boutique style room includes a King size bed, mini-bar, flat-screen TV, DVD player, safe, private terrace, space heater, coffee maker, ceiling fans, and bathrobes.
One of the rooms is wheelchair accessible.
Daily cleaning is included and laundry is available for $10 a load.
Meals can be arranged at an additional cost.

ServicesVibran B&B 3
Upon request, we offer a variety of services to ensure that our guests have a relaxing and satisfying stay on the estate.

The history of Finca Vibran


Contact them at:

phone number (506) 2494-4706      Cell (506) 8708-7713  or

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Spiritual Massage Therapist and Nutritionist

By Larry K. Fisher
For years, I have been a conduit and channel of the Universal Life Force for the sons and daughters of man, by providing Specialized Massage, Acupressure, Reiki, Frequency and Nutritional guidance with a spiritual twist. My clients are from all lifestyles, and spiritual paths. Larry Fisher photo

I am a survivor of multiple near death experiences, and have a great love for humanity. My path is to act as a conduit for the health and longevity for the people of this planet. I ask no payment for my services, but do ask that you contribute to the path of the Body~Mind~Spirit Connection. The suggested contribution should be in line with what you would be charged by any medical doctor or therapist. You are free to provide additional amounts within your ability. I do not ask any contribution from the poor or for their children. A session will last as long as it takes to provide the combination of knowledge, therapy and spiritual guidance for your particular need. This can be up to 3 hours.

I assist my clients with guidance for difficult and chronic dis-ease, such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Colon related problems such as IBS, burns and skin conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and Blood sugar instability such as, Diabetes. I can also assist in your self-healing of dis-eases and, syndromes that are supposedly incurable, including Cancer in its many faces, Palsy, in its many forms, and many other diseases and syndromes yet defined. The combination of therapies through the Body~Mind~Spirit Connection also assists self-healing for relationships and addictions of drugs, carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol, and provide emotional, and spiritual enlightenment. Of course, nothing beats the most relaxing massage you ever will have.

I am a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, which is associated with the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. My education and credentials are as Certified Massage Therapist of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a Certified Reiki Master of the Usui Method, a National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Additionally, I have attended the Academy of Lymphatic Studies ACOLS 135 hour specialized Lymphatic training program, and author of the eBook The Non-Government Approved (NGA) Plan for Health and Longevity.

If I can do all this while being legally blind, what is holding you back from being the best you can be, without any dis-ease or dis-comfort. Make an appointment, and get in touch with your Body~Mind~Spirit Connection.

I am in Carbonal, just 25 minutes bus ride from Grecia.
To your Health and Longevity through the Body~Mind~Spirit Connection
Love and Light ~ Larry Fisher

Cell and WhatsApp: 8426-8561

Vital Link Masaje Terapéutico


Come and leave your stress behind you and feel absolutely wonderful.

You deserve to be pampered and to relax in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Enjoy this Relaxing Massage Therapy with Music and Aromatherapy for only ¢12,000 colones. Receive a free facial massage and consultation with Natural Health Products and Weight Loss Programs.

We are located in Turrúcares Alajuela,
50m South of the Bank National.

We will be attending from Monday through Friday
from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, by appointment.

Allan - Telephone: 6013-2626



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Parking Ticket Sellers

This image shows the various businesses in Grecia centro where you can purchase parking time via the Parquimetros program.

Simply park your car, visit one of these merchants with the parking space number and your license plate number - pay them and off you go!

posted 11/27/2018

Photo & Video Home Tour Service

Walt Claytonservice logo

Pictures Sell!!

photo of beautiful home

.. so if a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video would be worth!

When I put my Las Vegas house up for sale to move to Costa Rica, I wanted to show it in all its glory. Since it was going on the market in March, when it was cold and drab and all the plants and trees were bare of greenery, I shot my video tour during the summer, with my garden in full color. I wanted a potential buyer in winter to know what it looked like the rest of the year. The video paid off handsomely, and I made a tidy profit.

Having worked for decades in the film industry, I've become very familiar with videography and photography. For my full background, please visit:

Since I've seen how long it often takes to sell a house, especially when there may be great urgency to sell, I decided to offer a photo & video service to help speed up the process. Options run from a straightforward photo walk-thru to a simple 7-8 video to a comprehensive, full-blown video tour with editing, narration and titling. To see each option, with pricing and terms, please visit:

If you're in need of selling a home, and perhaps quickly, maybe I can help. I'll sure give it my best shot!

Walt Clayton
San Isidro de Grecia
2444-4237 landline & answering machine
6246-6015 cellphone & text

Pool Supply & Maintenance

Grecia does in fact have a pool supply store. They are not always open as they also offer pool maintenance.

pool supply Call for hours and service info.

English spoken.

Greco Piscinas Y Mas (Pool Supply) is located 125 m north of ICE, same side of street, 3 doors down from Panaderia Grecia.

You can also find them on Facebook.








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Party Ranchita Rental Available

San Juan de Grecia

Located in San Juan de Grecia, 1 km west from the river Sarchí, road to San Juan. It is a big green, level area, so that anyone like the elderly or people with mobility problems won't have any inconvenience. When we rent it, we are used to do it for the entire day, so there wont be any time limit issue, but if, for example, someone would like to come only for a few hours (lets say 2-4 hours) then we can make a special offer on the price. We consider 2-4 hours as a little while, because usually when families and friends rent our ranch, they arrive at about 8 am to do their preparings for the party, and then leave at about 10:30 pm, once the party is over. This last point takes me to the price issue: we rent it for 50.000 colones during rainy station, and 65.000 colones during sunny station. Our phone numbers are 2-494-6489 and 8302-4909.

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USA Shopping and Delivery Service

fly buy knightAt Fly Buy Knight we take the hassle out of your shipments from anywhere in the U.S. to Costa Rica. All rates are based on cubic inches, NOT weight. In addition, we have no "mimium" charge, regardless of how small the package. We will, with your permission, open boxes to condense items and lower shipping charges. Unlike other shippers, we do combine your orders even if they arrive separately. Rates include everything, with convenient pick up in Alajuela, near Pricesmart. Should you require delivery in the Atenas, Grecia areas there is a small $15 charge. For further information or questions, please call Knight Breckinridge at 2433-9790. 

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Gringo Dave’s Ornamental
Welding and Art Work

We provide design and build services as well as custom built projects using your designs.


Shown are a couple of pieces that I have recently finished: "Cattails by the Lake" detailed photo at right 1.0 M (39”) X .70 M (28”) $80.00

cattails 2
We have over 30 years experience in the construction industry as well as custom steel fabrication. We can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 3/8”.
We also provide sharpening services for carbide tipped circular saws blades up to 12” in diameter and chain saw chains.
"Shady Blues" - A new, original art piece
This project is approximately 10’ tall…keys actually move. Call for price.
shady blues piece
floating notes “Floating Notes” available in your choice of color – White, Gold, Red. Blue, Green, Silver, Beige 1.0 M (39”) X .60 M (24”) - $100.00
all that jazz “All that Jazz” – Originally built as a 3 piece set, but can be purchased singularly .90 M (36”) X .40 M (16”) ea $200.00 – set of 3 or $75.00 ea

We also fabricate and install decorative gates (w/openers), screen doors, window guards and fencing. Equipment list: TIG, MIG, Spot Welder, Plasma Cutting, Roll Former, Ring Roller, Shear, Spiral Roller Bender/Streacher, oxy/act torch, Sand Blast Booth, Vibratory Tumbler along with numerous sanders and grinders.

The email address is: The phone number is 8442-4655 - ask for David.


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Services Needed/Looking For/How Do I....?

Introducing the Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page

We are pleased to announce a great new feature exclusively for Qué Pasa subscribers, the Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page.  

We know that sometimes all of us could use a little help in getting answers to questions about living in Costa Rica. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience among our subscriber base. So, we have started a subscriber interactive Facebook page where folks with questions can get help from other folks with answers. To start out, we are going limit our Answer Page to questions and answers from subscribers.

Description, rules and signups for your private Facebook Answer Page:

  1. Description: this is a private, interactive Facebook page for Qué Pasa subscribers only. It  is a largely unsupervised service and its purpose is to help subscribers get answers from other subscribers who have already been down that same road. It is to be used only by Qué Pasa subscribers to receive assistance from other subscribers by getting answers to their questions.
    It is a free service.
  2. Rules of Use:
    1) as an unsupervised site, always please, be on your best behavior. No intimate, profane or rude language or inappropriate questions. No arguing, politics, name-calling or berating of participants.
    2) No reasonable question should be considered stupid. (Remember some of questions you may have asked that now seem silly or obvious.)
    3) Also, remember that there may be more than one answer and multiple responses are welcome.
    4) If you are uncertain of your answer, PLEASE include “I think” or “I believe” in your response.
    5) Please check the Qué Pasa website first before posting your question. The answer to your question may already reside there.
    6) If for any reason answers become contentious, they will be removed by the Qué Pasa staff.  
  3. Note: this Facebook page will only work if we use it. Please, those of you with some experience or years under your belt “in country” go to our Facebook answer page frequently to see if there is a question you may be able to help answer. If you “pay it forward” and help someone, there may come a time when your favor will be returned.

How to register for and use your Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page:

  1. Because the Qué Pasa Answer Page is a Secret Group on Facebook, it is not viewable by the public - you must be a member of Facebook AND you must be invited to join. So, if you are not a member please go to Facebook and join;
  2. Request the Qué Pasa editor via email to “friend” you on Facebook;
  3. Once you are confirmed, you will receive a notice from Facebook that the Qué Pasa Answer Page is now available to you;
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  5. Facebook will automatically notify you of a response(s) to your question(s) from another member via your personal email; and if you are curious about what questions have been asked and answered by others, don’t hesitate to visit your private Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page as often as you like and run a search on your question.

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If you would like to submit a recommendation, please send who or what you are recommending and why. Send your recommendations and service announcements to:

Find out about our Facebook Answer Page