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A Survival Guide to Driving in Costa Rica

Click here to read this extremely accurate and useful guide.

posted 2/1/2020

New 'Intelligent Post' In Grecia - Just What IS This All About?

This is a translation of the webpage https://presidencia.go.cr/comunicados/2018/09/impulso-a-ciudades-inteligentes-grupo-ice-instala-en-grecia-y-tibas-primeros-postes-inteligente-del-pais/

The posts will provide energy solutions and infocommunications to citizens as of September 2018.

North Side of Church, across from ICE

South Side of Church, Bank of Costa Rica behind

In addition to efficient lighting with LED technology, they include Wi-Fi and surveillance and information screen.

They have a "panic button" to manage immediate help in case of emergencies.

The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) and Costa Rican Radiographic Institute (RACSA) installed in Grecia and Tibás the first smart poles in the country, an advanced technology that, in addition to efficient lighting with LED technology, will offer citizens various security and communication services.

Among its innovations is a video surveillance camera with 360-degree mobility, as well as a "panic button", through which residents can get immediate help from the police in case of emergencies.

Additionally, they provide the Wi-Fi internet service and have a screen to show useful information, such as the weather report and the temperature.

The physical installation of the poles was carried out by the ICE, while the community solutions are provided by RACSA.

These facilities are executed through an alliance between ICE, RACSA and the municipalities of Grecia and Tibás, as part of a pilot plan with poles provided by the Huawei company.

RACSA led the project from the conceptualization to the start-up. In addition, it provides the fiber optic network connection.

Suzeth Rodríguez, Head of Sales of Radiográfica, indicated that "our role as a front to local governments is to orchestrate all the capacities of the companies of the Group within their strategy, to respond in an orderly manner and elaborate differentiated offers to the needs of the municipalities". He added that the service is part of the smart cities and safe cities projects, which is also led by RACSA and are carried out in synergy with the other companies of Grupo ICE.

"The execution of this technological solution responds to the strategic vision of Grupo ICE, to take advantage of the knowledge and capabilities of its companies, and the convergence of energy and information services to facilitate management and improve the quality of life of the communities," according to Rayner García, manager of Intelligent Electrical Networks and Innovation of the Corporate Electricity Department.

As part of this pilot plan, two other smart poles will be installed, in Grecia (lower photo above) and in Tibás, also in coordination with the municipalities, within the framework of the smart cities development project.

How does the "panic button" work?

In case of a robbery, for example, the citizen presses the "panic button" installed in the smart post, and the warning immediately arrives at the Public Force or the Municipal Police. Thanks to the live transmission, the security personnel identifies the person making the report and from the monitoring center initiates a tracking of the event or the suspect.

posted 9/22/2018

September 2018

by Angie Vacchio

If you are eligible to vote in the US, you are eligible to vote from Costa Rica.  You must, however, register to receive your absentee ballot and the law states that you must make this request every election year.
If you voted absentee in the last presidential election, you will not automatically receive an absentee ballot to vote in the midterms this year.  You must register again.  It’s an easy process.
I suggest going to votefromabroad.org to register, or you can go through your local election office.
There may be other sites as well, but the reason I suggest votefromabroad.org is that they have simplified the absentee voting process by using a standard registration form (FPCA) applicable across all states.  

Please register to get your ballot—the sooner the better.  Midterm elections are almost upon us.  

For additional information, what follows is from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Absentee voting is a simple two-step process:
Each year, submit a completed Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to your local election officials.
They will:

There are many options for voting (detailed above.  Whether you go through your local election officials or votefromabroad.org, just exercise your right and VOTE!

[Note: The votefromabroad site does NOT automatically change a person's current party affiliation. In the process they DO ask if you want to join their group, DemocratsAbroad, because this is the group that runs the votefromabroad voter registration site. This is separate from your actual voter registration. For the record, if there was a RepublicansAbroad group, we would post their voter registration information as well.

posted 9/22/2018

New Parking Program in Grecia - August 2018

by Diane Cooner

The dust has somewhat settled from the startup of the new online parking program ("parquímetros"). We didn't post anything until now because the conditions for the start of the program kept on changing. But now it seems that there is a method to the madness. Here is a brief outline of how to use this program:

1) Depending on your type of cellphone, either go to Apple App store or Google Play store. Search for 'El Parking'. The program was developed in Spain and you have options to park in 7 major cities there. There is also an option to park in Grecia.

2) Once you have your account set up, simply get into town, find an empty space that is numbered, and park. You will need wifi for the app to work. I imagine that the Inteligente Poste (see article above) can now provide that wifi. The day I was in town I hooked into Ekono's free client wifi....

3) What I really liked about this app is that it gives a 5 minute notice that your time is almost up, and then another notice when your time has expired. It also automatically sends a printable copy of your transaction via email.

Here are some photos of the informational flyer that the Municipality of Grecia distributed - another opportunity to practice your Spanish!


posted 9/22/2018

Corporate Tax 2017 Info

These forms are in .pdf format.

Form D-140 English version Spanish version
Instructions for filling out Form D-140

Urgent News "Relief" - June/July 2016

The ongoing road resurfacing between Tacares and Naranjo is just that -- a badly needed road resurfacing project. I have it on good authority via a high-ranking government official that there will be no detour of Pan Am Highway traffic through our area. Such an attempt according to the Ministry of Transportation would be "impossible". We can all rest easy that once the resurfacing is complete, there should be no further delays or inconvenience. The new Puente de Rio Colorado will be contructed beside the existing one that will remain open during the construction. "WHEW."

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