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This new section offers articles by our Editor Don Davis on various aspects of living in Costa Rica.
These articles are the result of his research and experiences.

Corporate Tax 2017 Info

These forms are in .pdf format.

Form D-140 English version Spanish version
Instructions for filling out Form D-140

Urgent News "Relief" - June/July 2016

The ongoing road resurfacing between Tacares and Naranjo is just that -- a badly needed road resurfacing project. I have it on good authority via a high-ranking government official that there will be no detour of Pan Am Highway traffic through our area. Such an attempt according to the Ministry of Transportation would be "impossible". We can all rest easy that once the resurfacing is complete, there should be no further delays or inconvenience. The new Puente de Rio Colorado will be contructed beside the existing one that will remain open during the construction. "WHEW."

Ambulances, Medical Services, and Health Insurance
(also on our medical page)

Civil Government Organization

Drought and Water Conservation

Renewing Your Cedula  

Renewing Your CAJA

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